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(Mostly) Killer Questions - Open to all

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1st wizard147
2nd Robert White41
3rd willie2836
4th urthchik(5:11)35
5th Qi Hu(9:48)35
6th shooter33
7th Memory28
8th Chicagoan27
9th Rich.office44724
10th R-chan20
1st Shihab Touhid, PMHNP58
2nd shabs56
3rd DrJeff50
4th Bcell35
5th prettigrumpy32
6th Tawnhet(4:30)30
7th Dr. Teamfran(6:35)30
8th Sonshine29
9th lily58627
10th jazam!24
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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