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Assorted Mental Health Disorders; Risk Assessment; Sleep Disorders

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1st spiritwalker65
2nd Mountain doc57
3rd urthchik55
4th fsu54
5th shooter53.25
6th UWSMD(3:47)49
7th Moni(7:23)49
8th Bagel011348
9th nml12(6:39)46
10th mins09(9:21)46
1st testbob51
2nd Dr. Teamfran50
3rd rev45
4th azliquid(4:56)44
5th lglapn(6:02)44
6th RCA(4:51)43
7th Chartwell(7:37)43
8th Hyper1tnt(9:57)43
9th ACB42.25
10th ShrinkWrap42
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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