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Tournament Players (Full List)

1st wizard143
2nd az_psych_md41
3rd UWSMD37
4th fsu36
5th urthchik35
6th zanzibar(9:39)34
7th ET(13:46)34
8th Dr. Hip(7:23)33
9th hoosier(8:42)33
10th Dr. Science(11:37)33
11th spiritwalker(7:04)31
12th shooter(7:17)31
13th Childdo(11:32)31
14th Mountain doc30
15th Moni29
16th Blue Boy27
17th jay bolaram25
18th 4got10(5:32)24
19th barnaby jones(10:49)24
20th psych master(8:14)23
21st onalp(8:37)23
22nd Patricia Nay(4:54)21
23rd Chicagoan(5:15)21
24th mightymo17
25th John Almquist15
1st Shihab Touhid, PMHNP43
2nd JR201334
3rd Bcell33
4th azliquid(4:51)31
5th Smarty(5:44)31
6th sarahbellum30
7th Dr. Teamfran29
8th rev27
9th testbob22
10th Lhoydal21
11th Newt17
12th newsy89115
13th Susan(4:46)14
14th Chartwell(6:02)14
15th Hyper1tnt12

In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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